Lirik Shades A Part

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“Stranger By The Day”

Snow is falling from the sky – In the middle of July
Sun was shining in my eyes again last night
Alarm goes off without a sound – the silence is so loud – something isn’t right

Footsteps echo down the hall – no one’s there at all
Dial your number but your voice says “I’m not home”
Everything is inside out – I don’t know what it’s about

It keeps getting stranger by the day

Going for a walk outside – to see what I can find
No reflection(s) in the windows I pass by
It feels hotter in the shade – water’s running up the drain – something’s going on

Conversations with a mime – stared at by the blind
Imagination must be working overtime
The world is upside down – everything is turned around

It keeps getting stranger by the day

By the time I reach your door – I can’t take anymore
I just happened to be in your neighborhood
I’m the one who gets surprised – I don’t believe my eyes – your alibi’s no good

Whatever happened to the world -whatever happened to the girl I thought I knew
It just can’t be true – I guess I’m losing you

It keeps getting stranger by the day

“Dead Before I’m Gone”

She holds too tight
Underwater life
And paralyzed
Her own mind
Gets in the way
Every time

I don’t want to be dead and gone before I’m gone

She starts to shake
Covers up her face
Because it’s all fake
All design
What can it take
To realize

Awake at night
Nothing fits right
Shut inside
Dreams a life
Doesn’t make sense at all
In the world outside

“Dark Days”

I didn’t know it could get so dark so fast
But from here on it’s not gonna last
The days are getting longer and I’ll have my time

Tomorrow is not far away
From where I stand all alone today
Just add another minute for the sun to shine

My shadow falls hard against this world
It leads me to a special place
It looks away from the shortest day
But it stares right back in my face
The sun at my back gives me a long look
And it won’t fail me now
I’m walking straight to a warm embrace
To a day that’s never gonna end at all

Don’t you feel the chill lift from the air
The sky shines clear to someplace where
There will be no more waiting for the night to end

I didn’t know I could get so far so fast
Overcome my shadow and walked right past
Straight into the sunlight
’cause I know my own way now
I know the darkness will return
The numbing cold and the freezing burn
The days are getting shorter
But I know that I will last

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